The vital link for additive manufactured metal parts

Bodycote's additive manufacturing (AM) service centers across North America and Europe provide comprehensive service solution including stress relieving parts on platen, cutting parts from build platen using electrical discharge machining (EDM), hot isostatic pressing (HIP) to remove microporosity, heat treatment to improve material properties, and all associated quality assurance testing.

Optimize material properties of 3D printed metal parts

Please contact us to discuss how our comprehensive service solution can help improve your 3D printed metal parts.

Andrew Corless – Europe: Andrew.Corless@bodycote.com  

Dave Ochar – North America West: Dave.Ochar@bodycote.com

Jamie Kuriger – North America East: Jamie.Kuriger@bodycote.com

Alternatively, you can complete and submit the contact form on this page, and one of our technical experts will be in touch.